About us

Welcome to PearlFleurNZ

World-leading stylists agree you can never own too many accessories because stylish and spectacular adornments display our confidence, our femininity, and our uniqueness. What better way to achieve your individual characterisation, than with a collection of accessories, carefully selected and applied to reflect your persona to those around you – a celebration of how special you are.

Within the pages of our online accessory store, you will discover many fashionable items from classics to the latest trends, so you will definitely find something to suit your style and taste. With our newly designed branded soft pouch packaging, every parcel will have the look of a beautifully presented gift, whether the purchase is for yourself, or a loved one.

Plan your next purchase with us. We are here to guide your style with fashionable, beautiful accessories to show the world how stylish and spectacular you are. 


Why PearlFleurNZ?

  • PearlFleurNZ online boutique is open for your convenience, so you can shop whenever it suits you, over breakfast, during lunch at work, or late at night. 
  • When you enter the website of PearlFleurNZ, we want you to relax, put your feet up, to take a visual wander through all the pretty items, without the bother of pesky shop assistants, queues, or parking issues. 
  • We want to make your purchase easy and the selection process a pleasurable experience.
  • We work every day, and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting products that follow the latest trends in the fashion world.

For a wide range of on-trend accessories, come with us to the magical place of PearlFleurNZ, where the soul can rest, and the eyes rejoice.